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Upgrade Bundle

Customize your sleep setup for upgraded comfort. Includes your choice of mattress (Nova Hybrid or Wave Hybrid)...

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Best-Selling Bundle

Our most popular sleep essentials at a great discount. The perfect introduction to Casper comfort. Includes 1 ...

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Comfy Bundle

Refresh your sleep setup quickly and easily with Casper comfort. Includes 2 Original Pillows, 1 Sateen Sheet S...

What's inside our bundles?


Upgrade Bundle

  • Includes 1 mattress (Nova Hybrid or Wave Hybrid), 1 Mattress Protector, and your choice between 3 bed frames.
  • Elevate your comfort. Choose everything from ultra plush layers to our most premium adjustable features.

    SAVE UP TO 12%

    Best-Selling Bundle

    • Includes 1 Original Mattress, 1 Foundation, and 1 Mattress Protector.
    • Not too firm, not too soft. The Original is our most loved mattress for a reason.

    SAVE UP TO 15%

    Comfy Bundle

    • Includes 2 Original Pillows, 1 Sateen Sheet Set.
    • Experience Casper comfort with a set of Sateen Sheets, the softest sheets we’ve ever made.

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